Harley Weir

About the Artist

London-born photographer and director Harley Weir is known for creating intimate images and films in both her personal work and her acclaimed editorial and commercial work. Her images are often carefully composed with a highly attuned sense of colour, and composition. Having shot many campaigns for luxury brands, compelling editorials and a series of widely acclaimed personal projects, she has become a leading force in the photography and film industry.

Weir’s film “Legs are not Doors” made her the top winner of Milano Fashion Film Awards in 2015. In 2017, she had her first solo show at Foam Fotografie Museum Amsterdam, where her work is now a part of the permanent collection. Her second solo exhibition “Homes” opened in September 2018 at the Brighton Biennial, curated by Photoworks Director, Shoair Mavlian. “rubbish_1” was curated by Antonia Marsh from Soft Opening and also launched in 2018 at Piccadilly Circus tube station – proceeds from the sales of prints were donated to the Great British Beach Clean, initiated by the Marine Conservation Society helping to increase awareness of single use plastics.

To date, Weir has co-published 5 books, most notably Father, published with IDEA, and Homes, published with Loose Joints. Homes was an immediate sell out raising £10,000 for charity La Cimande – an organisation which protects and defends the rights of refugees and migrants.

Exhibitions: Walls; MEP Paris, Transformer; 180 The Strand, Boundaries; Foam Fotografie Museum Amsterdam, rubbish_1; Soft Opening Piccadilly, Homes; Brighton Photo Biennial

Books: Father, Paintings, Homes, IranBaron