Thomas de Kluyver

All I Want to Be

Released at Photo London shortly after the announcement of his role at Gucci, de Kluyver’s visually-tantalizing 144-page All I Want to Be is an exploration of inclusivity, identity, and radical self-expression through the artist’s innovative makeup looks.

With photography by de Kluyver’s closest collaborators Zoe Ghertner, Sharna Osborne, Oliver Hadlee Pearch, Fumiko Imano, Lea Colombo, and Harley Weir, each offers a visual embodiment of de Kluyver’s vision.

Since its launch, All I Want to Be has garnered significant global press and social media coverage.

“I have a very specific style of make-up and I’m always trying to push the idea of using make-up as a form of self-expression. I felt that this was the right time to capture this sentiment in a different context than in a magazine…It’s a book that aims to break down prescribed ideas of beauty and gender, vanity and identity. I want to inspire people to use make-up as a tool to express how you feel on the inside – not just a mask that you hide behind.”

Thomas de Kluyver