A.P.C. x Suzanne Koller

Suzanne Koller

Fashion Director of M Le Monde Magazine, co-founder of Self Service Magazine and former Fashion Director of Vogue Paris, Suzanne Koller is one of the most respected names in the industry. Over the course of her 25-year career, her work has graced the covers of  American Vogue, Vogue Italia and Vogue Paris and she has established relationships with Givenchy, Lacoste, and Chloé, among others.

Often lauded for looking “effortless” her personal style is unmistakably simple and sophisticated, comprising neutral tones of brown, beige and cream.


Renowned for its clean, pared-down aesthetic, A.P.C.  has remained at the helm of Parisian fashion for more than thirty years. Suzanne Koller has consistently worked with the brand for ten, across both runway shows and advertising campaigns. Her knowledge of the label is unparalleled and it comes as no surprise that the founder and chief designer Jean Touitou would look at her for two collaborations.

When designing the lines, Suzanne wanted to create a selection of timeless classics; essential items that are versatile yet chic, much like her own wardrobe. Speaking to Vogue about the partnership Koller said, “It’s pieces I like, and I hope other people will like them…The approach to us working together felt natural because I have known Jean and Judith for 10 years. They gave me total freedom, and total freedom can be the hardest thing! In the end, what I’ve done is very me. I am a classic person, not very extravagant. We are all looking for that perfect right thing, and for me, at least, I’ve found them.”

The Fall 2021 Collection

For the Fall 2021 collection, long time A.P.C. collaborator and stylist Suzanne Koller takes part in ‘Interaction’, a small collection in which friends of A.P.C. interact with and interpret the brand’s clothes from their own point of view.

Suzanne Koller designed her first Interaction for the Fall 2019 collection, where the main idea was to build a perfect wardrobe made of what she called “obvious classics”. This idea is continued this season with fifteen pieces exploring her vision of modern simplicity.

The Fall 2019 Collection


Both collaborations have received significant media attention from publications including Vogue Paris, Vanity Fair, T Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Tatler, Grazia and The Financial Times. Vogue Paris praised the 2019 collection, saying “[It] affirms Koller’s personal style: classically chic with a decidedly unclassic edge,” while Vanity Fair describe it as “chic and timeless.”