Art Partner Spotlights

Lucinda Chambers on Collagerie


Former long-time British Vogue Fashion Director Lucinda Chambers has joined forces with close friend and fellow Vogue colleague Serena Hood to create Collagerie – a carefully curated e-commerce shopping platform offering the very best picks in fashion, beauty, interiors and lifestyle.

In an exclusive interview with Art Partner, Chambers talks about the inspiration behind the idea, working with Serena, and her current obsessions.

Collagerie has such a distinct and fresh visual identity compared to many of the other digital editorial shopping experiences today. It feels very much in your world and that of Serena. Tell us about how Collagerie came to be. What is the story of you and Serena joining forces?

“Serena and I worked alongside each other at Vogue for 5 years. After we left, we were talking about how we shopped, what we loved and across high street to luxury and everything in between and how there wasn’t a platform reflecting this. That’s when the lightbulb moment for Collagerie came about.

A unique part of Collagerie is that we create our own editorial as part of the shopping experience.”

Are there certain areas that you each focus on?

“We are equally passionate about interiors as we are about fashion. So we created Collagerie where you can shop both of these worlds in one beautiful space. It’s very fluid depending on what we have a major crush on at any given moment. More often than not we end up gravitating toward the same things; it’s a very natural process between the two of us.”

Collagerie is a tightly curated shopping experience that offers products at every price point. You've always seemed to have a love for interior design. How has that shaped your curating and shopping experience for the platform?

“When women set out to shop they are just as likely to be looking for a dress at the same time as having a tab open for a lampshade. We wanted to really reflect that in Collagerie where we create different worlds and moods.

We choose only the most desirable things, and put it in a context that makes the whole experience one of pleasure as opposed to an endless scroll. We also want the journey to be uplifting, so Collagerie definitely embraces colour and design.”

Sustainability is an important focus for Collagerie. Can you explain this idea of conscious shopping?

“Collagerie’s tagline is “The One Thing Over Everything” and it really is what we believe. Buy Better. We also really like showcasing brands that have a story, things that we believe in, that you will love forever and are not just for today. That’s very much our ethos.”

Do you have any favourite pieces or trends at the moment?

“Serena loves vintage inspired retro prints from SS20 and I love a toga sofa.”