Phase II of Art Partner's Sustainability Initiative

Since 2017, Art Partner has been committed to becoming a Certified Carbon Neutral artists management and creative content agency. We began the Earth Partner project with the goal to achieve Zero Footprint Zero Waste and Carbon Neutral Certification by 2020.

Phase I of the project, “Sustainable Office,” implemented significant waste reduction practices at all three of our offices in London, Paris and New York, including among other things food composting, conversion to 100% sustainable energy sources, phasing out of single use plastics in the office, significant reduction of paper and carbon off sets for flights and cars.

Based on over a year’s worth of research, consultation with Eco Set and beta tests, Earth Partner now introduces Phase II: Sustainable Production Partnership, which expands Art Partner’s sustainable best practices to our global production services.

We acknowledge that aspects of our work in the creative industry come at an environmental cost, and we are working to address our impacts globally. In partnership with our clients, artists, production partners and vendors, we can go beyond creating beautiful visual content and use our collective talents, strengths, and influence to minimize our environmental footprint and strive for a net positive business impact.

As of today, an Earth Partner production will be distinguished by: comprehensive recycling; composting bins; absence of single-use plastic; carbon offsets for flights; digital invoices and call sheets; use of hybrid cars and shared transportation when possible; donation, re-use and recycling of set materials; and donation of leftover food.

Importantly, these efforts will be quantifiable and accountable to the greatest extent possible. To insure that our efforts are measurable and our progress is traceable, we have partnered with Econometrica Inc., a leading research organization, which will gather and analyze data for our offices in 2019 and each year following. To ensure that our carbon offsets deliver a truly meaningful, immediate, and positive impact on the world’s natural capital, we have retained Natural Capital Partners, who have been helping organizations reduce their carbon emissions for 20 years. We have selected their Alto Mayo REDD+ project among others, which works to conserve ecologically rich areas such as the Alto Mayo Protected Forest in the Peruvian Amazon.

With our Earth Partner initiative, we aim to offer the highest level of excellence in our services while showing the highest level of respect for our planet. We invite you to stand with us in this ambitious effort, which we hope will become a standard in our industry.

Production Sustainability Tool Kit

To learn more about our initiative and join us on this effort, please feel free to download our production sustainability tool kit in the link below. Together we can make a difference! Thank you.

Earth Partner Tool Kit

Carbon Footprint Calculator