i-D x Chanel The Fifth Sense

Harley Weir

The Fifth Sense

Across five cities in five countries, Harley Weir captures five creative women at different stages of their young lives, each inspired by the complex characteristics of CHANEL Nº5.

Strength Nº1

Oulaya Amamra

In Paris, she finds the young actress Oulaya Amamra, whose strength and grace have guided her from the apartment she shares with her mother to the movie sets where she immerses herself in every character she plays.

Identity Nº2

Momo Okabe

We meet photographer Momo in Tokyo on the day of her wedding, later encountering the city and its inhabitants amongst Shinjuku’s quiet gay scene – some of whom are former subjects from her photobooks – as she looks ahead in her continued quest to better understand the skin we live in.


Zariya Allen

Zariya’s poems are provocative musings on love, lust and longing: little insights into the mind of a young woman on the cusp of adulthood as she continues to figure out her place in the world.

Drive Nº4

Manthe Ribane

Manthe’s is a story of constant movement. As a dancer and as a young woman in South Africa driven with ambition and ideas, she works closely with her siblings to create performances that will honour the memory of their parents and inspire the children of their neighbourhood to keep going forward.


Christine Sun Kim

Artist Christine Sun Kim’s world is powered by a depth and point of view that is unlike anyone else’s. Born deaf, Christine creates work that asks viewers to think about sound itself not simply as something we physically hear, but as an idea.