Bruce Usher

Creative Director

Upon establishing his studio in 2015, London-based creative director Bruce Usher has worked with a broad and international client list, investigating visual identity across fashion and wider culture.

Through an intuitive and multi-disciplinary approach, Usher’s studio explores the potential for brand, cultural platforms and institutions to communicate in unexplored ways alongside traditional graphic, still and filmed executions. This distinct point-of-view is one built upon Usher’s responsive visual solutions, award-winning book design, and ongoing editorial work for titles including Arena Homme, Pop, and D Repubblica. His relationships with a varied network of collaborators from arts and culture forms the basis of this work. The bi-annual Middle Plane, which itself exists at the intersection of these spaces, has been under Usher’s direction since 2018.

Usher’s collaborators include Juergen Teller, David Sims, Alasdair McLellan, Torbjørn Rødland, Vanessa Beecroft, Gus van Sant, Jamie Hawkesworth, Vince Aletti, Rinko Kawauchi, Fumiko Imano, Liv Liberg, Takashi Homma, Duane Michals, Bruce Gilden, Roe Ethridge, Carmen Winant and Colin Dodgson among others.

Middle Plane

Creative Direction

Fashion Editorial Highlights

Specially Commissioned Stories

Arena Homme+

Creative Direction

Dominic Fike painted and photographed by American film director Gus Van Sant in Saint Laurent

Pop Magazine & Arena Homme+

Creative Direction

A collection of archive images redressed in SS/AW 2022 fashion

Arena Homme+

Creative Direction

A story centered around JW Anderson’s iconic pigeon clutch

Recent Advertising

Book Projects

'The Drawer' by Vince Aletti

Art Direction

American critic and curator Vince Aletti has been collecting photographs printed on the pages of magazines and books since the 1970s. For the very first time the hundreds of tearsheets, newspaper clippings, gallery announcements, and other ephemera stacked in a drawer of an antique flat file in his East Village apartment have been documented in a new book; a collaboration between Aletti, Usher and the publisher.

Winner of the Paris Photo PhotoBook of the Year Award, 2023.

'Arrangements' by Carmen Winant

Art Direction

This book of multivalent narratives began with a simple premise: the collection of sheets of paper—ripped from books—featuring multiple photographs and inlaid narratives. Across a decade of working on other projects involving pulling images apart from one another, excising them from the page and recontextualizing them as new sets, American artist Carmen Winant diligently collected disparate sheets, skimming them off the top of her other ongoing collections, arranging and sequencing them with Usher.