Drew Vickers

Photographer Drew Vickers’ images reflect a range of human emotions. Among his work, striking black and white portraits documenting cultural case studies can be seen, beautifully placed alongside delicate still life images of flora and fauna.

In addition to his editorial work for publications including Self Service, i-D, M Le Monde, LOVE and Holiday Magazine, Vickers’ commercial portfolio includes Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Supreme.

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Cheerleading Series

In 2019, Drew visited two High Schools in Texas to capture the essence of American cheerleading.

“I really liked how cheerleaders represented a uniquely American teenage experience. The uniform takes away all the identifiers of time period or place and it strips away their personal identity, leaving you to really concentrate on their faces. I was inspired after photographing teenagers entering Military school for the US Army. I started thinking about how different an experience the two would be, while also having a lot of similarities such as drills, instructors, uniforms, etc.”

-Drew Vickers