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Earth Partner Introduction

Earth Partner is the sustainability division of Art Partner.

We began the Earth Partner journey with the goal to reduce the carbon footprint of our offices and productions, and to send no waste to landfill by the end of 2020.

Inspired by the use of visual cues to advance narratives on the global climate crisis, we also leverage Art Partner’s core skills of networking and creative communication on behalf of projects and organizations dedicated to climate action and the transition to the circular economy.



Phase I of the project, “Sustainable Office,” implemented significant waste reduction practices at all three of our offices in London, Paris and New York, including among other things food composting, conversion to 100% sustainable energy sources, phasing out of single use plastics in the office, significant reduction of paper and carbon offsets associated to our business operations as well as business travel.

Since October 2016, we have worked with Natural Capital Partners to measure and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions (scopes one, two and three) associated with our three offices. We have been a certified CarbonNeutral® company since 2017.



Based on over a year’s worth of research, consultation with Eco Set and beta tests, Earth Partner introduced Phase II: Sustainable Production Partnership in January 2019, which expands Art Partner’s sustainable best practices to our global production services.

We acknowledge that aspects of our work in the creative industry come at an environmental cost, and we are working to address our impacts globally. In partnership with our clients, artists, production partners and vendors, we are going beyond creating beautiful visual content and using our collective talents, strengths, and influence to minimize our environmental footprint and strive for a net positive business impact.

Earth Partner productions are distinguished by: comprehensive recycling; composting bins; absence of single-use plastic; carbon offsets for flights; digital invoices and call sheets; use of hybrid cars and shared transportation when possible; donation, re-use and recycling of set materials; and donation of leftover food.

Production Sustainability Tool Kit

To learn more about our initiative and join us on this effort, please feel free to download our production sustainability tool kit in the link below. Together, we can make a difference.

Earth Partner Tool Kit

Measurable Efforts


Natural Capital Partners

Our CarbonNeutral® company certification is supported by The CarbonNeutral Protocol – the global standard for carbon neutral programmes–to ensure our carbon neutral claim is robust and credible. We work with Natural Capital Partners, a world-leading provider of carbon emission reduction and renewable energy solutions, to provide independent assurance of our climate action. Natural Capital Partners has been helping organizations reduce their carbon emissions for more than 20 years.

To offset the greenhouse gas emissions which we cannot currently reduce at the offices – for example, from heating the offices during winter and staff commuting – we have purchased Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) that have been generated from the preservation of virgin forests in Brazil’s Acre state. The project additionally supports 15 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through their work with communities and local groups to advance agricultural education and refurbish or build health clinics in the area, for example.

World Land Trust

Art Partner Productions offset all flights booked for artists and clients through World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced Programme.

The funds collected are used to protect and restore threatened forests through Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) in Caribbean Guatemala, preventing the release of carbon dioxide and enhancing the carbon they store, as well as supporting the local communities and protecting key species.

World Land Trust (WLT) is an international conservation charity that protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened ecosystems acre by acre. Click here to learn more.


Creating Compelling Climate Narratives

#CreateCOP Contests

Earth Partner

#CreateCOP25 and #CreateCOP26 were global contests for young creatives and climate activists (ages 14-30) to submit artistic responses to the climate emergency.

The purpose of #CreateCOP is two fold: to raise the public profile of the UN’s climate summit and to advance the call for climate action from the creative communities.

For each competition, leaders from the creative community, including Harley Weir, Gabriela Hearst, Tyler Mitchell and Ferdinando Verderi, selected winners from hundreds of submissions from around the world.

For #CreateCOP26, the work of 9 winners and 20 honourable mentions was displayed in a virtual exhibition, hosted by KUNSTMATRIX, on the Art Partner website. The digital space allowed a wider audience to explore the winning submissions as they would in a traditional gallery.

To find out more about the contest and view the exhibition, click here.

Image by Jack Walker Heppell

The Flourishing Diversity Series

Messages from Indigenous Leaders

Launched in September 2019, Flourishing Diversity brought together 30 representatives from 17 Indigenous communities around the globe for a unique series of talks. The inspiring representatives addressed contemporary environmental challenges whilst sharing their wisdom and sophisticated approaches to living in harmony with nature.

An original content series developed by Earth Partner and produced by Art Partner, the series of films shares the important message of these indigenous people, stressing the urgency of the climate crisis in response to the environmental challenges all people around the world face today.

To view the full story click here.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation


In the spring of 2019, Art Partner provided comprehensive communications strategy to The Ellen MacArthur Foundation in advance of and during its #wearnext campaign, which promoted the benefits of establishing a circular fashion economy among New York City’s 8 million residents.

Art Partner advised on the development of the foundation’s communications roll-out and introduction to the New York market. Art Partner’s remit included launch strategy, eco-system expansion and relationship building, press and social media strategy, as well as content creation and campaign development.

More than 1,100 drop-off locations collected clothing from March through June.

i-D Magazine / The Environmental Issue

Harley Weir

In March 2019, the world saw the largest global youth strike with over 1.4 million students from around the world ditch school for the day to demand that their future, and that of the planet, be protected. It was the biggest day of climate action ever, and it was set off by one girl.

For issue 356 of i-D, photographer Harley Weir captured this girl: 16-year old activist and Nobel Prize-nominee Greta Thunberg, the activist who inspired this global youth movement and is changing the world in the process.