Harley Weir

Fashion Eye Iran

Louis Vuitton

Visting Iran for the Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye collection, London-born photographer Harley Weir falls under the spell of its natural beauty and the extraordinary hospitality of its people. The product of nuanced observation, her images require no commentary. She reinvents Persian miniatures and, by moving in close, attempts to make sense of the world, seizing on seemingly innocuous details to illuminate her work.



Published by Loose Joints in 2016, Homes by Harley Weir captures photographs taken during October 2016 at the refugee camps in Calais, France. With all proceeds going to La Cimade – a French charity committed to protecting the rights of migrants, the book was aimed at bringing light to the crisis, whilst also showing the moments of beauty that can be found in even the harshest of environments- and our intrinsic desire to make the best of what we have.