Tyler Mitchell

Frieze Masters Commission


Tyler Mitchell presented a special project at Frieze Masters 2022, marking the first time Frieze has commissioned contemporary artwork to be featured in the fair. In photographs, works on fabric and mirror, and a new installation—Altar I (2022)—Mitchell reflects on historical motifs in the context of an Edenic vision of Black beauty and desire. Mitchell’s photos, shot on location in upstate New York and in studios in New York and London, explore the relationship between young Black men and landscape.

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Gagosian, London

For his first solo exhibition in London, Mitchell has produced photographs of youthful subjects in nature. Shot on location in upstate New York and in studios in New York and London in 2022, the images allude to the contemporary landscape while reflecting on the history of photographic images of Black people, particularly in the American South. Playfully theatrical and surreal, the works focus on Black figures and the landscapes they inhabit, incorporating visual signifiers of spirituality, transformation, and aspiration.

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Boys of Walthamstow, 2018

'I Can Make You Feel Good'

FOAM, Amsterdam

From April 19th to June 5th 2019, Mitchell presents his first solo exhibition ‘I Can Make You Feel Good’ at FOAM Museum in Amsterdam. The collection of images exhibited is a mixture of both personal and commissioned work, which comes together to portray Mitchell’s vision of a ‘Black Utopia’. His brightly colored portraits capture young black people being intimate, expressive, sensual and free – a direct contrast to historically repressive depictions of black culture. The exhibition also premieres two of Mitchell’s video works, ‘Idyllic Space’ and ‘Chasing Pink, Found Red’.

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'I Can Make You Feel Good'

International Center of Photography

After the success of Tyler’s first solo show in 2019 at Foam Fotografiemuseum in Amsterdam, it toured to the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York from January 2020 to May 2020 and was later extended to January 2021. The presentation was developed to include new work across different mediums in order to further enhance the immersive experience.